Three Weeks (of Advertising) in Kosovo


Three Weeks (of Advertising) in Kosovo

I spent the past three-plus weeks in Europe, most of the time in the country of Kosovo.

And I couldn’t resist (much to my husband’s embarrassment) snapping photos of examples of advertising and other forms of communication. Here are a few of my favorites:



A Tale of 2 Coffees

I just wasn’t getting the thought process behind this ad.


And then I saw this one…


Let’s move in closer. Yes, this is by far my favorite.


Pet Pampering

Nice to see there are some pet lovers around.


So they can be sure to get their dog that cooling cucumber eye treatment.

Olympic Fever

Is indeed everywhere.


I was never really sure what flavors I was sampling, but I have to say that the rolls were tasty.

Coffee on the go-go

Amelie put its hat into the social media ring. (And hey, if I can get someone to bring me a coffee and chocolate croissant on a little motorbike, for 1 euro, I’m in!). I really need to check this one out during my next visit.

Print isn’t dead.

Printed flyers are everywhere. But what does 4 of the same ones in a row mean?

There you have it. Some of my favorite billboards from the trip. If you’re enjoying them, don’t worry, there’s more. Much to my husband’s dismay.

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