Climbing the Leadership Ladder (Without Losing Yourself)

Posted on Jun 21, 2014

Presentation at Calvin College’s Women in Leadership Day:

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HighEdWeb Michigan Recap

Posted on May 31, 2013

I had a great time at HighEdWeb Michigan last week! I met a lot of very talented people, got the chance to hear a keynote by Kristina Halvorson of Brain Traffic, and I was honored to speak on “The Art of (Brand) Storytelling.” Kudos to all involved, especially to all who helped coordinate the event! Check out the slide deck from my presentation: And, check out the Flickr feed to see what you...

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The question isn’t whether or not to lean in – It’s who are you when you do?

Posted on Apr 21, 2013

The issue isn’t whether or not to lean in. It’s who you are when you do. There’s been a flurry of media attention in the last few months surrounding the release of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, followed by a fabulous opinion piece in The NY Times and then an interview with former Lehman Brothers CFO Erin Callan on “Rock Center with Brian Williams.” As a result,  several of my friends, knowing my interest in leadership, have asked me what I think about all of it. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy So I finally sat down...

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Celebrating my 40th. By Stopping.

Posted on Mar 2, 2013

Celebrating my 40th.  By Stopping.

I turned 40 this year. And after years of nonstop going, going, going, I decided to celebrate with stopping. I know some people thought I was crazy. They looked at me funny when I told them my plans. But I didn’t want a party. Or a big celebration. I just wanted to stop. So I rented a condo on Lake Michigan for the weekend – and I sheepishly told my husband he wasn’t invited – at least for the first part of the weekend. I think he understood. “You actually become more alive. This is what stopping can do. There is nothing passive about it. And when you decide to go, it’s a...

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5 Questions to Ask Before Your Next Website Redesign

Posted on Feb 7, 2013

When I talk to clients who are looking to create a new website or refresh an old one, I often hear a few of the same things: Easier to navigate. More interesting graphics. Better integration of video and social media. A better user experience. And these are all really important things. But what I don’t usually hear a lot about initially is WHAT or HOW they plan to communicate their brand story on that same website.  I don’t often hear questions like: What sort of things are important to communicate to my audience? Is what I’m currently communicating effective? What information are...

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Giving Thanks for the Power of One (Person) (Conversation) (Example) …

Posted on Nov 19, 2012

Giving Thanks for the Power of One (Person) (Conversation) (Example) …

Why one person. One Comment. One example can change a life.   I’ve recently been reading a book titled Thriving in Leadership: Strategies for Making a Difference in Christian Higher Education. Although I no longer work for a university, I spent years doing so and loved (almost!) every bit of that journey. Regardless of the context, though, I’m finding this book to be inspiring with nugget after nugget of wisdom from seasoned leaders. And their advice is applicable to anyone — whether you work in higher education or in business. I’m particularly inspired to write this morning as I...

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